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Stuctia / Estuctia

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Définition : fleuve côtier du Pays de Galles, en Cardiganshire.

Il prend sa source à ***, près de Cae Gaer

Il arrose ***

Il baptise ***

Il débouche en Mer d'Irlande / Canal Saint-Georges à Aberystwyth


Extrait de Ordnance Survey : Map of Roman britain.

Étude étymologique 

* A.L.F Rivet & C. Smith : STUCTIA


- Ptolemy II, 3, 2 : Ztoukkia potamon ekbolai ( = STUCCIA FLUVII OSTIA), vars. Stoukia ( = STUCIA), Soukkia (= SUCCIA), Toukkia ( = TUCCIA), Stoulkia ( = STULCIA)

- Ravenna 108,29 ( = R&C 247) : IUCTIUS

DERIVATION. In view of the modem form (below) there can be no hesitation in supporting Mùller's choice of his preferred name. Millier also seems to have been the first to associate Ravenna's entry with Ptolemy's. Ravenna's form has lost initial S-, and then seems to have had the first t miscopied as i. The ending might show that the river was known in both masculine and feminine forms, as is possible since the name was adjectival.

The base is British * stuctio- 'bent, curved' (Welsh ystwyth 'supple'; cf. Breton stoui 'to bend oneself'). The modem name of the river, Ystwyth, is a direct and natural descendant of the ancient one; R&C note its appropriateness, for the river 'has many notable windings and falls'. There is apparently no need to postulate in the ancient name an initial ex- or es- (as Williams did) in order to produce the modem name. The etymology has been clear from the time of Holder (n. 1640).

IDENTIFICATION. The river Ystwyth, Cardiganshire.

Bibliographie; sources; envois

- Ordnance Survey : Map of roman Britain. 1956.

- A.L.F RIVET & C. SMITH : The Place-names of Roman Britain

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